Ref 61 - 1.5 inch flare pistol



REF 61 : Flare Gun


This live firing Section 1 firearm is perfect to keep you saf during those summer sailing trips



Price: £ 250.00

Ref 19 - Anschutz Target Stock and .22 match barrel



Simply mising its bolt, this is a fine Anschutz right handed target stock and match grade .22 Barrel and trigger




Price: £ 50

Ref 71 - De Lisle 45ACP Silenced Rifle

The De Lisle was based on a Short, Magazine, Lee–Enfield Mk III* converted to .45 ACP by modifying the receiver, altering the bolt/bolthead, replacing the barrel with a modified Thompson submachine gun barrel (6 grooves, RH twist), and using modified magazines from the M1911 pistol. The primary feature of the De Lisle was its extremely effective suppressor, which made it very quiet in action. So quiet, in fact, that working the bolt  makes a louder noise than firing a cartridge



Price: £ 1,995 (nearly new)

ref 61 flare gun