Lapua Midas +

Midas+ is the improved generation of Midas. The long success story of Midas brought a lot of excellent results, which have been used for the development of the new generation.

Lapua Center-X

Center-X gives you the good feeling of high quality ammunition. Try this versatile cartridge to see its performance.

Lapua Pistol King

Pistol King has been loaded for success. It is reliable, provides excellent target pictures and gives a smooth shooting experience.

Lapua Pistol OSP

Pistol OSP is a special ammunition for OSP disciplines. Constant, accurate and precise. All you need.

Lapua Polar Biathlon

Polar Biathlon has been behind most biathlon medals worldwide for years. Ideal performance under all conditions with best possible results.

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Lapua X-ACT

X-ACT has been developed after a long research period to unite all positive properties of all materials used.


The shooters can benefit of its absolute accuracy and consistency and use an extremely sophisticated product of highest quality. X-ACT has been tested by most of the world class top shooters, and the comments have been nothing but praising: “The best ammunition I ever shot.” X-ACT is true passion for precision.


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